Temple (Spleef) is a SpleefLeague arena in the theme of a chinese temple. It is one of the maps that does not have a SuperJump affiliated with it. As of now, Temple is currently unavaliable until SWC IV. Temple is a tournament map alongside Eco and Mountain.

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History & Appearance Edit

Temple is considered a tournament arena. It used to be much bigger with wheat fields and buildings all scattered around. As of now they have cherry blossom trees and houses in the design of chinese temples.

Directions Edit

Directions cannot be given at this time.

Spleef World Cup Edit

Since Temple is considered a tournament arena, it will most likely be apart of SWC. It tends to have high lag rates and not a massively popular map for spleefers. It is a good map for spectators and every angle is a good view of the match.

Trivia Edit