SuperJump is a parkour-based game where you have to jump on multiple pedestals to reach the end and complete the map. Although this mini-game was already invented far before Spleef League, PxlPanda has copyrighted the name SuperJump, and will be using it as Spleef League continues.


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A small example of a Superjump Course.

The definite meaning of parkour is when someone goes from place to place, while going through a deep series of obstacles around their way.

SJ - Short Course Example

SJ - Short Course Example

This is a short example. Make parkour maps to your heart's desire.

Minecraft-Based ParkourEdit

.In Minecraft, parkour is jumping from pedestal to pedestal, or going through a map with hidden jump areas. In Minecraft, they have to go through maps of parkour, and when you fail, you fall down, and have to start over. The difference between real life parkour and MC Parkour, is that in MC you can only jump from place to place.