Spleef is the main focus of SL, and a popular player made game on minecraft. A player's goal in spleef is to get his opponent to fall into a hole five times before falling into a hole himself five times. This is done by using a diamond shovel to break the floor, typically with some sort of strategy in mind. To join a spleef match, type /spleef or /s.


Spleef was started on a server before June 23, 2009 soon after the Classic Multiplayer Creative Mode release. According to the first wiki entry for Spleef on the Minecraft wiki, the rules and name were created by Greenslimy, Pentaclam and Maulrus. It first gained popularity after Notch blogged about this article on his Tumblr.[1] Soon after, a plethora of spleef servers and variations sprung up. Spleef instantly caught on in Minecraft Classic, while slowly also gaining popularity in Alpha, which soon became Beta. It is considerably popular in the latest version of Minecraft today, with almost every major public server having some sort of Spleef arena.

Spleef Ethics/RulesEdit

Some strategies are generally frowned upon for being unfair, making a spleef match boring and drawn out, or simply not being fun.

The most common ones being:

  1. Islanding
  2. Camping
  3. Extreme defense
  4. Constant fleeing
  5. Immediate surrender, or suicide