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Current view of Spawn: SWC Spawn

Spawn is the main hub of all of SpleefLeague. Spawn is mostly used for chatting with others and also where parkour is usually located. Arena (Spleef) and Arena (Super Jump) are located in spawn. StarCups and other hidden easter eggs also can be found.

Designs Edit

Spawn always have different looks and designs throughout the years. There have been Winter, Christmas, Halloween and Easter themes throughout the years

Statues Edit

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Statues of Owners (from left to right): Sinsie, Joba, Shoben, BigBen, Jecth, Blaezon

There are many statues that can be found throughout spawn. The most obvious ones are the two in front of Arena. There are also statues of the owners located behind the players spawn point. There is also a statue outside of Arena that would dedicate the victor of SWC.

Super Jump Training Arena Edit

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Super Jump Training Arena

Super Jump Training Arena is a training arena for super jumpers located right outside of spawn. Most of it is basic jumps. There is also hidden areas where more parkour can be found.