Sinsie is a SpleefLeague Spleefer and current Admin and has been a part of the community since 2012. He is a native from USA and has hosted Spleef World Cup II and IV.

History and Appearance Edit

Sinsie joined SpleefLeague back in 2012 during the first official Spleef World Cup were being played. He opted out to attempt to qualify.

Sinsie takes the appearance of the Cookie Monster. He wears a black and white suit with a red tie. He also has the SpleefLeague logo on the back of his skin.

MultiCube Era Edit

Sinsie first started out as a Moderator on SpleefLeague but was joined in with MultiCube. In an unsuspecting turn of events, Sinsie was banned for classified reasons. A year later, he was unbanned and became a Helper in which he soon resigned.

SpleefLeague Era Edit

Sinsie has rised to fame in the SpleefLeague community. As of now, he is a current Admin/Council and focuses his time specifically with staff applications and moderation.

Awards & Recognitions Edit

  • Moderator on SpleefLeague
  • Moderator on MultiCube
  • Helper on MultiCube
  • Host of Spleef World Cup II
  • Host of Spleef World Cup IV
  • Admin/Council on SpleefLeague

Fast Facts Edit

  • He likes playing League of Legends very much