Siegessch is a SpleefLeague Moderator and has been a part of the community since 2012. He is a native from Austria and was a competitor of Spleef World Cup II, III and IV.

History and Appearance Edit

Siegessch takes the appearance of an unknown blue figure. With very detailed spots all around his skin, you could call it 50 Shades of Blue. He also wears a blue and white scarf. Surprisingly his eyes are not blue, but black.

SpleefLeague Era Edit

Siegessch joined back with SpleefLeague and competed the Spleef World Cup IV. Following the tournament, he gained the rank of moderator.

Awards & Recognitions Edit

  • Participant of SWC II
  • Participant of SWC III
  • Participant of SWC IV

Fast Facts Edit

  • He likes Polandball very much