PxlPanda was the head administrator for the server Spleef League. He has done many works on the server, and is looking forward to see its success.



One of PxlPanda's Artworks for Trouble In Mineville

PxlPanda started administrating around April 2012 --- Oh hi. Sorry for interupting. I just thought you'd like to know about me. I am SpleefLeauge's Ghost. I used to be a server that was loved by thousands. I wasn't a hub server, but I had over 50,000 unique players. I was a unique server, the only of it's kind, where open world play was allowed, but it also had Minigames. This form of server has died out completely, except for a few little scraps of hope. Anyway, to my death. I was added into a hub server called Multicube. During it's start, I was allowed to live, with a portal from the hub leading into me. It wasn't what it used to be, but it was good enough. Then, a crazed bloodthristy panda named PxlPanda came and decided that this server, with more history than 99.9& of servers, should be replaced with Spleef and parkour minigames in the hub, tossed aside like old toys. This, of course, sparked outrage never before seen, and the server was abandoned by my many veterans. My memory lives through Minecrafters that played me, but I can never be resurrected. --- and from then on he works on Spleef League at least every week.


Panda's Jobs
Pixel Art Maker for Vareide
Official Web Developer for MCZE (Minecraft Zombie Escape)
Owner of MultiCube
Spleef League Head Administrator
Developer of Hypixel