Pirate Bay (Spleef) is a SpleefLeague arena in the theme of a pirate isle. It is full of treasure and warfare. It is one of the maps that does not have a SuperJump affiliated with it.

History & Appearance Edit

Pirate Bay was first introduced in the Beta SpleefLeague 2.0 release. Not much is known of Pirate Bay due to it being very new. Pirate Bay takes the appearance of a pirate island. Where battles take place and cargo is loaded, it is a place where X marks the spot

Directions Edit

Starting from Spawn (looking at Arena) you are going to take a right. When approaching StarCups, you are going to take a right through the tunnel. Once through the tunnel stay along the path for 30 blocks and head into the water. Keep swimming and you will reach Pirate Bay.

Spleef World Cup Edit

Because Pirate Bay is new to SpleefLeague, it is unknown whether it will be used. A positive thing about it is that it tends to have a low lag rate amongst spleefers. The down side to it is that spectating is very hard. While it may be used in qualifying rounds, it will most likely not be used for the semi-finals and finals.
2016-02-14 10.48.42

View of Skull from Pirate Bay

Trivia Edit

  • If you look around, you might be able to find some treasure.