There are have a lot of inside jokes and memes that have circled around the community of Spleef League. While some are used to this day, there are plenty that have been used in the past. Here is the list of all the SpleefLeague Memes from 2012-Today.

5-0'd Edit

Probably the most common meme in SpleefLeague. It is used when a player wins 5-0 versus another opponent resulting in a shutout. This is used against players meaning that they are not good at spleef and that getting 5-0'd is easy.

Bud Edit

Another popular meme within SpleefLeague, this is an alternative word for "bad". This is usually used when a spleefer or sjer is not a good player.

#BlamePanda & #BlameDec Edit

While this was more commonly used during MultiCube, it has become one of the most trending memes on Twitter. It originated with #BlamePanda back when PxlPanda, an old Administrator, messed up the SpleefLeague server from certain errors.

Soon(tm) Edit

Another meme that was used more during MultiCube, as well as, the rest of the internet, it is a meme that players have used to say that a feature is coming soon, but in reality, isn't.

Jasco's Ban Edit

It's been a joke that the user Jasco gets banned quite a lot on the server that people have made jokes about it from time to time. While some may call it an insult to him, we all know that Jasco probably doesn't care. But when will he be banned again? :thinking:

McYvar Edit

McYvar was a SpleefLeague competitor for the Spleef World Cup IV. He rose to fame when he joined the SWC and began to win round after round versus veteran spleefers like Fr0sti, DonMycroz and Jasco. Due to his wins, players have recognized him as a champion for making it very far.

Eteto & GamerS4 Edit

One of the biggest mysteries that SpleefLeague has ever had was if spleefers Eteto and GamerS4 were the same player. For years, players have questioned if they were different players with the same IP. This rose into dicussion after Eteto won the Spleef World Cup II back in 2013. As recalled by Eteto, he/she says that GamerS4 is him/herself.

Vloat Edit

Vloat is a meme that has spread members to members. It derived from spleefer Veirra, where she would always float during a match. With countless amounts of people accusing her of floating, the "f" changed to a "v" (for Veirra) and became vloat.

Top Sets Edit

Top Sets was a meme started by Max9874 when he was called dumb by many other users. He then said that he was in "Top Sets and stuff at school" which even today not many people know what it is. It is said that only Max9874 can wield the true power of Top Sets.