These are the general forum rules of SpleefLeague. Breaking these rules will make you subject to punishment. As well as these rules, if a staff member creates a rule then and there, it will be put into place as long as it is reasonable. The following rules must be followed to be allowed onto our forums. This thread serves for discussion on the rules, as well as a platform to be informed of new rules.

Forum Rules

1. No spam or full caps posts. A post that does not add anything to the conversation at hand is spam. Saying “hi” on a post for no reason, as an example, is spam.

2. No links to illegal websites of any kind. (pirating sites, pornographic content, etc).

3. No inappropriate language. As such, no avoiding the language filter. - Insults. Ex. Sinsie is retarded. - Cussing. Ex. F*ck you. - Racism / Sexism / Any Mean-ism. Anything that is commonly accepted as rude in western culture is considered Mean-ism. Insults, racial slurs, harassment, etc.

4. No excessive advertisements (Links to other domains, including servers and websites). Unless given special permission from a staff member. Ex. "Check out my YouTube channel!!! <link>" One time deals are okay, action will be taken upon further advertising.

5. No nude/suggestive or inappropriate avatars or signatures. In addition do not post content of this nature. This is determined at moderator discretion, however use your best judgement on this as well.

6. Posting twice on one thread without a post between aka “Double Posting” is not allowed. Please use the “Edit” button instead.

7. Do not “bump” posts. This refers to posting on a thread that has been inactive for over a month. You may bump if you have relevant information on the topic, or you are the thread creator. 

8. Speak in either English or German on the forums. Other languages may be used in private messages. We just can't moderate all the different languages of the world.

Overall, just remember to use common sense and be respectful of others. Remember to be nice and have fun! 

Credit goes to Sinsie, click here to see full thread