Eco (Spleef) is a SpleefLeague arena in the theme of a ecological arena. It is one of the main tournament arenas during the Spleef World Cup.

History & Appearance Edit

Eco has been apart of SpleefLeague before the Beta SpleefLeague 2.0 release. It was not an original map to be added to SpleefLeague but was an addition. It was revamped for the Beta release. Eco takes the look of a nature preserved and environmental friendly arena with trees greener than usual and no pollution to be seen.

Directions Edit

  1. Starting from Spawn (looking at Arena) you are going to go straight into Arena.
  2. Continue through Arena and make your way to the other side while staying on the ground floor. A tunnel will be seen on the other side, walk through it.
  3. When you make your way out of the tunnel, swim straight. You should see Eco to your left.

Spleef World Cup Edit

Eco is considered to be a famous map during the SWC mostly because it is a tournament arena. Lot's of players will want to play in this arena because of the scenery and the amount of spectators it can hold. Depending on the player, sometimes they will have a high lag rate. With it's new design it is unknown whether or not it will have a high lag rate.

Trivia Edit

  • Laboratory is close by to Eco. Some may consider Eco and Laboratory to be affiliated maps.