Desert (Spleef) is a SpleefLeague arena in the theme of a desert village. Located in the desert section of SpleefLeague. It is considered to be one of the best arenas to play on because of the distance from spawn and it's low lag rate. Players would consider playing desert during the SWC and on typical days. It's very hot but surely the snow won't melt! Desert is one of the few maps that has incorporated a SuperJump map within the time of SpleefLeague 2.0

History & Appearance Edit

Desert has been around since the beginning of SpleefLeague. While it didn't have much design as it does now, that was one of the many reasons why it is considered to be popular. Desert takes the look of a desert village, surrounded by sand and the beating sun. Making it one of the most ironic maps in all of SpleefLeague, you can still dig out the snow without the fear of it melting.


  1. Starting from Spawn (looking at Arena) you are going to take a left.
  2. Take a right and continue walking towards the Desert Tunnel.
  3. Continue walking on the stone and gravel path and you will lead to a village as well as the arena.
2016-02-13 11.55.39

Desert Tunnel

Spleef World CupEdit

Desert has been widely used during the SWC. Due it it's low lag rate, players have the ease of 5-0ing players. This is a common location for spleefers to play during qualifications as well as during elimination rounds (except for Finals). Spectators can stand alongside the walls of the arena and get a good look at the matches.

Trivia Edit

  • Somewhere within Desert, Sinsie's parkour trials were located there, but since the SWC Update, it is most likely gone.