Old SL

Community Page Edit

SpleefLeague is unique because of the community it is able to generate. The server was founded on friendship, and strives to make it its number one priority. On SpleefLeague, newcomers are welcomed with open hands, and gladly turn that random players into spleefing machines (example Skefull). Without the community, this server would've never made a SpleefLeague 2.0.

Groups within SL Edit

Within this community were many tight bonds that were formed from the harsh battles of spleef. The original team being Armada, consisting of many of the owners today, where each member showcased extreme skill in the art of spleef. Although Armada seemed unstoppable many other groups came to fruition to combat this titan. One group being Squad used their quick wits and even quicker shovels to take SL by storm. Their impact was so powerful that they still have reigns of this server to this day.