Carnival (SuperJump) is a SpleefLeague course in the theme of a carnival. It was first introduced during the Beta Release of SpleefLeague 2.0.

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History & Appearances Edit

Not much history is on Carnival. During the Multicube Era, it was just a rumor. But when SpleefLeague 2.0 was released, Carnival was one of the features. Carnival is in the theme of a amusement park. With many rides, games and food, there is plenty to do in Carnival.

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"Carnival" next to the entrance of Carnival

Directions Edit

Starting from Spawn (looking at Arena) you are going to take a right. When approaching StarCups, you are going to take a right through the tunnel. Continue through the tunnel and along the path until you see the entrance to Carnival.

Records Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • There is a lot of easter eggs located around and inside Carnival