Blaezon is a SpleefLeague Veteran, Administrator and Builder and has been a part of the community since 2012. He is a native from Canada and was a competitor of Spleef World Cup II and III and IV.

History and Appearance Edit

Blaezon joined SpleefLeague back in 2012. While today he devotes most of his time as an Administrator, he used to compete in spleef matches and tournaments. He was considered one of the best during the Spleef World Cup III. He rarely spent his time with MultiCube applying to be a Helper.

Blaezon takes the appearance of a male human being with a gray skin tone. He has orange hair and a blue scarf wrapped around his neck. He wears a black, red and white body.

MultiCube Era Edit

While Blaezon wasn't apart of the staff team during MultiCube, he still devoted his time as a Spleefer participating in the Spleef World Cup III, placing 3rd Overall.

SpleefLeague Era Edit

Blaezon spent most of his time on SpleefLeague being a Moderator during 1.0 and an Administrator during SpleefLeague 2.0. During his spleefing years, he placed in 5 of the monthly tournaments, 2 of them being placed 1st. Blaezon was also the head builder for Team Wildfire, SpleefLeague's own build team.

Awards & Recognitions Edit

  • Helper on MultiCube
  • Moderator on SpleefLeague
  • Administrator on Spleefleague
  • Participant of Spleef World Cup II
  • Participant of Spleef World Cup III
    • 3rd Place Overall
  • Participant of Spleef World Cup IV
  • Member of TeamWildfire