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Original view of Arena

Arena (Spleef) is a SpleefLeague arena in the theme of a stadium. It was widely used during the qualifying rounds, Semi-Finals and Finals of Spleef World Cup. It is considered to be the landmark of SpleefLeague's world.  

History & AppearanceEdit

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Original inside view of Arena

Arena was the first arena to be built and displayed on SpleefLeague. It is most likely the first arena where a spleefer would play. Arena is designed in the stadium fashion where it can hold a lot of players. Since its revamp, Arena has been taking more of a design and is much bigger.

Directions Edit

If you can't find where Arena is, than you need glasses. Just look straight ahead of Arena and walk forward.

Spleef World Cup Edit

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Current inside view of Arena

Arena is considered to be where the Finals take place. Though qualifying rounds and Semi-Finals are located here to, it is still considered where the victor will win. Lot's of players will stand along the glass to watch history in the making.


  • Arena used to have training arenas located below. Since then, they were gotten rid of. There is a chance they might come back.
  • Arena used to have a VIP Lounge. As of now, it is free for anybody.
  • There is an Easter Egg that can bring you down to Arena's level.
  • If you go to the opposite side of Arena, there is a path that will bring you to other spleef arenas
  • SpleefLeague's Hall of Fame is located inside Arena. Before entering into the stadium, take a left or right where you can see past SWC Victors and also the current staff members.