1Psyblade1 (Usually referred to as Psyblade or Psy) is a Spleef World Cup 2012 participant, unliked by
2012-07-06 03.22.54

1Psyblade1 in a hidden room above the Mines Arena of the SpleefLeague Server.

many of his competitors for his unique spleefing tactics. Ranked 22 in the SWC 2012, he defeated Morgan_Ladimore in the Losers Bracket's 4th round in an intense match lasting nearly 90 minutes, but later lost to hi1234567208, 5 to 0, during which 1Psyblade1 often exclaimed about extreme lag issues. It is unknown if foul play was involved in any such lag issues.

Spleef Style & ControversyEdit

1Psyblade1's Spleef style focused on more evasive tactics, involving baiting his opponent to chase him across an arena tricky to traverse, littered with holes and small platforms scattered about. Rarely would he approach his opponent for an offensive bout, during which he tended to fall. He says that his trump card in the SWC 2012 was his ability to consistently jump across 4 blocks, which few of his competitors were capable of at the time (So few, in fact, that moderators considered 4 block gaps to be uncrossable).

2012-06-25 02.01.32

An example of 1Psyblade1's common tactic of making the arena dangerous to traverse.

1Psyblade1 claims that he had adapted such a Spleef style in order to work around his occasional lag issues. However, because popular defensive tactics rarely worked against him, much of the community were upset with him, to the point that moderators' attention was called, trying to report him for camping.


  • It is rumored that, after their match in the SWC 2012, Morgan_Ladimore privately begged 1Psyblade1 to allow him to continue in the tournament anyways.